Spanish Wall, Ni Ahlek, Kolonia

Spanish wall park - Picture of Kolonia, Pohnpei - Tripadvisor
October 2020. Source: Google Images

The Spanish Wall is a remnant of Fort Alphonso XIII whose construction started in late 1887 after a rebellion of Ponapeans killed several Spanish and drove other Spanish to a ship in the harbor, in July 1887. However, three Spanish warships arrived on October 29 with the new Governor Don Luis Cardarso and several hundred soldiers. After securing the area the Spanish constructed Fort Alphonso XIII which has high walls and batteries enclosing a wide courtyard in which residences and administration buildings were located. Thus the fort continued to be utilized by the Spanish as the administrative headquarters for the colony and a strong point during local disturbances. “”-In 1899, Germany acquired Ponape by purchase along with the other Micronesian Islands after Spain lost to the Spanish – American War. Shortly thereafter German forces occupied Kolonia. The second German Governor, Dr. Hahl had the vast majority of the fortifications torn down shortly thereafter. The remainder is what stands today. However, the fort was used during the rebellion of 1910 which resulted from a dispute and murders over road building. When the revolt started on October 18, the German forces stayed at the fort until reinforcements arrived on November 26 on the Germania. Ultimately the revolt was thrushed on February 23, 1911 during whose time the fort served as a German headquarters. Since then, the fort has not been utilized and today it is maintained as a park.