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Enipein Traditional Performances

Musical and Cultural Dances

This song is about the beautiful Island of Pohnpei and the man named Sapwkini who organized the first group of people to ever come to Pohnpei

National Geographic Blue Print Prosperity with the Pohnpei State Historic and Preservation Office.

Sakau Ceremony for Isipahu, (King) Nanmwariki of Madolenihmw…Watch Video

Ancient City of Nan Madol – Lost Cities…Watch Video

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The culture of respect in pohnpei …Watch Video
EXHIBITION ( 9/20/2023 )

– Display of works of art or items of interest by
Godwin Kornes _ Research Associate bei Museum Natur und Mensch.
Stefanie Schien _ Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin/Curator am/at Museum Natur und Mensch

EXHIBITION (Sept 6, 2023)

The research project entitled “Archaeological Study of Human Migrations and Inter-islands Networks in Oceania”

Exhibition of excavated artifacts from Lenger in Pohnpei……A team of Japanese archaeologists, which is headed by Dr. Ono Rintaro (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka), have been doing an archaeological research project in Pohnpei in collaboration with the Pohnpei State Historic Preservation Office in 2019.


Japanese Exhibition

Nan Madol: Ceremonial Centre of Eastern Micronesia

Nan Madol added to UNESCO World Heritage List, May 2016

Nan Madol- heritage daily- archeological news-

Nan Madol – HeritageDaily – Archaeology News – HeritageDaily