Sokehs Mass Grave, Komwonlaid Kolonia

The Sokehs Mass Grave is the Grave site of 15 Ponapeans volunteers (sometimes referred to as “REBELS”). who on February 24, 1911 were “Rounded-up” shot and buried on top of one another by German soldiers, The Volunteers were fighting with Ponapean General Soumadau of Sokehs, against the Germans, in what has become known has the “Sokehs Rebellion.” The fighting began on October 18, 1910. The Volunteers buried at the site were considered by the Germans the leaders of the Rebellion. To Ponapeans, the Grave is representative of the tragedies of war and fighting, and serves as another memory of the German occupancy or role in this district. Probably the most significant fact about the men in the Grave, is that today they are considered to be district or National Folks Heroes among the people of Ponape.