Japanese Artillery Road and Pohndollap Area, Kousapw Sapwohn, Sokehs

Japanese AA gun on Sokehs Ridge overlooking Kolonia, Pohnpei, FSM, in Stock  Photo - Alamy
October 2020. Source: Google Images

The Japanese Artillery Road going from base to top of Sokehs, is of value and significance as it was built by the Japanese before World War II for Artillery/ Access. To the Pohndolap area or gun implacements, bunker and searchlight, (all of which are still in place). The Pohndolap region at the top of Sokehs was the scene of Ponape’s major stand against American fighter planes toward the end of World War II. A Japanese Command Post was located in this area. Further, the area was the site of a massive Ponape German confrontation in 1911. Remains of Ponapean fort constructed in 1910 for the confrontation still exist under thick foliage.