Pohnpei HPO Projects

                                        PROJECT REPORT

Project Title: An intensive Ethnographic Survey on Traditional Leadership in Pohnpeian Culture

Grant Number: P20AF00012

Area Affected by Project: Pohnpei

Program Area: Ethnographic Survey, Education/Outreach

Total project Cost: $10, 400

PADB #: PO-20-10002

Federal Share: $10, 400


The Pohnpeian traditional/cultural way of life is truly unique, especially when a project involves the Nahnmwarkies which is the main purpose of this project. So before launching this project the Pohnpei HPO including the Chief and all the staff, and also some of the Board members humbly visited the royal Nanmwarkies of all the five municipalities first approaching with a sakau ceremony prepare by the staff of HPO, and a respectful introduction of the purpose of the project was done by the Chief of Pohnpei Historic and Preservation, or an assigned staff. Listed below are the specific Date that the HPO staff and board members visited each of the Nanmwarkies. 

Uh Municipality – February 21, 2023

Pohnpei HPO Staff and Chief Minister of U municipal Government.

Kitti Municipality – February 22, 2023

HPO Staff, including the Chief of Pohnpei HPO.

Sokehs Municipality – March 23, 2023

Chief of Pohnpei HPO and all staff

Nett – March 15, 2023

HPO Staff and the Chairman of the HPO Board Mr. Victorino Victor.

Madolenihmw Municipality – March 17, 2023

HPO Staff, Chief, a and Mr. Masao Silbanuz Board Member.

Since all the Nanmwarikies of all the five municipalities gave us their consent with the authority to launch this project in their Municipalities, the HPO staff under the supervision of the Chief start our survey by interviewing the four interviewees from each of the five municipalities as recommended or appointed by the Nanmwarkies. During these seminars the HPO staff interviewed the interviewees from all the five municipalities on different dates and record every detail of them orally listing all the traditional Nanmwarikies sequencing from the first Nanmwariki till the present and a little detail of each of their era’s. Also as reflected in our record we have the story behind two historical sites as agreed by the four appointed interviewees of each municipality. So listed below are the Time and Date of the recorded interview or seminars and also the names of the four interviewees from each respectful municipality.

Madolenihmw Municipality – June 08, 2023

Masao Silbanuz – Interviewee

Ihper Mihkel – Interviewee

Mariuch Alexander – Interviewee

Peltin Hebel – Interviewee

Kitti Municpality – June 20, 2023

McGarry Mihkel – Interviewee

Eneriko Peter – Interviewee

Esdakio Deres – Interviewee                                                              

John Ioakim _ Interviewee

Sokehs Municipality – June 21, 2023

Herculano Kohler ( Nahnpwutak Pikeniap, Nanmwariki en wein Sokehs) -Interviewee

Mariano Martin -Interviewee

Welber Walter (Pwoudlepen Palikir) – Interviewee

Hilario Jack ( Iso Nahnkiken en wein Sokehs – Interviewee

UH Municipality – June 30, 2023

Robert Selestine – Interviewee

Mihkel Bernardo – Interviewee

Joseph William _ Interviewee

Welber Helgenberger  (Lepenmoar UH) -Interviewee

Nett Municipality – July 21, 2023

Schlider Edgar – Interviewee

Mariano Hallens – Interviewee