Alfredson Ladore Pohnpei Historic Preservation Officer

Supervise all employees and activities of the Division of Historic Preservation under the direction of the Director. Authorize recruit employees and other short term professional service. Work with planner from the Pohnpei State, Municipalities, other agencies and NGOs so that historic preservation concerns and interests are properly. Assist foreign person/professionals coming to Pohnpei to the right channel for conduct survey of historical, archaeological and cultural sites and properties in Pohnpei State and outer islands of Pohnpei. Approves issuance of Historic Preservation clearance permits and land use applications.

Roster Lemuel, Federal Program Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating all federal assistance programs. Responsible for preparation of Pohnpei Historic Budget for both local and federal funds. Responsible for HPF end of year report and grant application. Responsible for variety of financial and narrative reports to the National Office and U.S. Government agencies regarding current programs. Coordinate with Pohnpei State Department of Treasury and Administration for reconciliation of both local and federal fund. Personnel actions ( recruitment’s, contracts, permanent positions), T As, miscellaneous request requisitions, disseminate information regarding the status of federal programs, policies, and activities to all interested agencies, civilians as well as government.

Assistant Public Educator (Vacant)

Conduct sessions, tour guide, radio program and awareness to all site visits requested. Assist HPO staff fields technicians and interested organizations/institutes on ethnography and archaeology programs. Perform public education to schools, communities, requested individuals and agencies regarding the importance of Pohnpei historical and cultural heritages.

Jason Barnabas, Historic Preservation Specialist

Conduct Reconnaissance Survey assessment for Historic Preservation. Clearance Assistance to Professional Archaeological and Anthropological Researchers on intensive investigations/survey. Collection and Storage of ethnographical and archaeological data for the division Public Education programs, tour guides and dissemination of information to the general public regarding historic and cultural resources, office function, importance of out heritages, etc. Capacity building for Pohnpei State HPO and FSM HPO’s in Computer application, basic repair, and survey forms. Preparation, update and input of Pohnpei State Registry, U.S. National Register, Registry Nomination and survey forms. Draft of quarterly reports, assessments, work-plan, overview reports. Project notification and Division’s permit for HPO Pohnpei State Government, National HPO and U.S. National Park Service Outreach promotions for institutes, organization, or agencies regarding historic and cultural heritages within our region.

Denson David, Field Researcher

Responsible in conducting historic sites survey in the villages around Pohnpei and outer island of Pohnpei. Act as a liaison officer between Historic Preservation and community leaders. Interview local historians gather information from them. Seeks informative historian, municipal leaders and land owner in order to enhance project site which are funded by either the local or federal government and provide recommendations to the HPO. Prepare survey report and other requires reports.

Facimerie Laylay Ioanis, Clerk Typist III

Responsible for the clerical duties for the Division of Historic Preservation such as: Answering phone, Recieve and log incoming and outgoing correspondence, Scheduling appointment for all HPO staff, Responsible for HPO daily time and attendance, Maintain office filing, and prepare Historic Preservation applications and issuance of historic preservation clearance permits.

Marino Agrippa, Maintenance Supervisor

Responsible for the inventory of equipment and tools to use for the operation of Office and beautification of historic sites. Responsible for the CIP employment compensation time and attendance. Responsible for requisition, miscellaneous payment, and fuel withdrawal.

Shadwig Edward

Peter Silbanuz
Joseph Barnabas
Martin Sarapio
Anderias Gonzaka
Elson Lipai
Elperson Elias
Jorenis Ioanis
Semens Silbanuz

To help maintain Nan Madol ruins, Dekehtik Causeway, Spanish Wall, and other historic sites around the island by cutting grasses, pulling weeds, cut trees, branches, collect and pick trash and dispose at designated areas. Plant flowers and trees around gates and Perform other duties assigned by supervisor.